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Sasha Kovalenko interviews me about my writing style, writing process, and what inspires me.

My painting Melting Into You, two of my poems "relocation" and "a moth zaps himself repeatedly on my porch light," and a video of my painting process are published in Issue 7 of The Banyan Review.

I designed the album cover for Tayve Neese's beautiful audio chapbook. It is published in EAT Poems and on Spotify.

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My poem " 'Otherwise Fallin in Love' Song by Les Rallizes Dénudés" is published in the April 2021 Issue of The Rising Phoenix Review. It is about a lost love—a love later rekindled in November 2021. We are currently living together in Chicago.

I curated a Friendsgiving-themed playlist with my friend Lily Rake, titled Side Steppin': Heel Toe, Heel Toe. It was shared in Talon Review's newsletter The Catch in March 2021.

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My book review "Stripping Away the Many Layers of The Queen's Gambit by Walter Tevis" is published in Talon Review's February 2021 newsletter The Catch. 

My short story "A Perfect Warmth" is published in Talon Review's Vol. 2 Issue 2: First Light.

When I attended LIM College in NYC, I modeled in their fashion magazine The Lexington Line. I am featured in Issue 8 A/W 18.

While attending Douglas Anderson School of the Arts High School with a major in Creative Writing, my short story "Wednesday's Colors Leave White Space" was published in Élan.

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