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This is a portfolio I made in InDesign. It showcases all of the projects I made in my Digital Imaging Methods course.


In her Digital Imaging course, I created a composite image in Photoshop and named it after a Julee Cruise album.


For my Digital Imaging course, I created a travel poster for Milan, with the poster's theme centered around the city being the "Fashion capital of the world."


For my Digital Imaging course, I created a faux advertisement for the "No Trouble Bubble" using Illustrator.

Writing Center Tarot Card Sticker blue 3-01.jpg
Writing Center Tarot Card Sticker.jpg
Writing Center Book Marks red.jpg
Writing Center Book Mark blue.jpg
Writing Center Book Mark black.jpg


Using Adobe Illustrator, I created branded stickers and bookmarks for the UNF Writing Center to market and increase brand awareness.

Hendrix_Hadley_Project 1_numero tokyo.jpg

For an illustrated tracing assignment in my Digital Imaging Methods course, I traced a Numero Tokyo cover using Adobe Illustrator.

This is a short film I made for a Comparative Literature class that is inspired by Walter Benjamin's book On Hashish, in addition to other writers such as Theophile Gautier, Charles Baudelaire, and Edgar Allen Poe.

At the Museum of Contemporary Art's Romancing the Mirror Exhibition, I read my poem "Not a Single Seed of Remorse" in front of Nevine Mahmoud's sculpture Bust (Genie). In collaboration with Bold City Contemporary Ensemble, I was accompanied by the wonderful percussionist Charlotte Mabrey and piccoloist Sarah Jane Young.


you, drunk, behind the wheel of your car last summer—

before i went to new york, before i knew you well enough to know


            this would not be the last time


me, in the passenger seat, screaming

   slow down, slow down

you, jumping—


            to 70 to


            down roosevelt boulevard


the only time you shaved your face all the way to the skin


                                    not a single seed of remorse


   keep a little stubble, i tell you now

   you don’t understand and i don’t say

   you’ve forgotten all about this night


you didn’t slow down until you had enough of my crying

you                  stopped            in the middle of roosevelt boulevard


                                    get out, get out of the car


            i looked behind, no one coming

i pleaded         no, please. i’m not getting out. please drive. please drive.


i sat crying                  you shouting through a grin


stopped            long enough to have been hit by a car going 50

long enough to be knocked out the windshield and onto the hood

long enough for this to be my lasting image of you


you started the car, revved the engine, enjoyed its purr

—jumping from


            to 70 to



            not a single seed of remorse


not a single god damn one

I created a lesson plan for Trio House Press based on my interview with David Groff about his book Clay. I specifically focus on Groff's use of sound in his poem "Muscalure."

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